SoulCollage®, an intuitive creative process developed by Seena Frost of Watsonville, California, involves choosing images from magazines, greeting cards, photographs and brochures, cutting them out and pasting them onto precut board to make cards which can be used in a number of ways – for readings, journaling, dialogue and contemplation. These unique personalised cards represent aspects of the self and soul, dealing with both psychological and spiritual dimensions of being.

SoulCollage® sessions for women take place in County Roscommon and Dublin. Materials and refreshments are provided. A session might focus on making cards belonging to one of the four suits - the Committee, the Council, the Companions and the Community, or set out to explore a theme such as vocation, relationships or rites of passage. 

The process of creating and working with the cards takes place in small groups. Principles of confidentiality, respect and acceptance are upheld.

SoulCollage® session are facilitated by Ruth Jacob, MA Psychotherapy, MSc Transpersonal Psychology, trained SoulCollage® facilitator and mindfulness teacher and practising psychotherapist. See

SoulCollage® is a trademarked process and all who take part in SoulCollage® workshops are requested to abide by the principles set out in . SoulCollage® cards may not be sold, bartered or exhibited as art objects.

Ruth Jacob

Telephone: 089 972 5741